Buy forestry axes online

It might strike you as somewhat oldfashioned to by a forestry axes these days, when its original tasks, in particular felling and debranching, are performed by hravrster machines or chain saws. Nevertheless, a forestry axe is still useful too which has its justification just as before. It is a very versatile tool and should always be at hand when you go into the forest to perform work. No matter whether you use them for sharpening fence post, for delimbing smaller trees or bushes or to cut roots in the garden: forestry axes profit from their light headweight and from their ease of handling..

Theses tools are universal helpers in forestry work which because of their slim head are more suited for cutting tasks then for the splitting of wood. Forestry axes are often differentiated by the shape of their head and are often named in reference to it , thus Forester Axe Model "Harz" or axe in the "Rheinische" stlye. These names often stem from their regions of origina where these particualr types came in use. In former times smithies could adapt the form of the forestry axe to the requirements and experiences of local professionals. What is more the regionally typed axes also differ by the wood most common in the local area. Nowadays such historically grown characterics are merely a matter of optical appearance.