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Nordforest Plastic Wedge 140 Nordforest Plastic Wedge 140
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LZR 2 High Performance Grease LZR 2 High Performance Grease
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Polymer Felling and Cutting Wedge Polymer Felling and Cutting Wedge
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WIDDERKOPF Polymer Wedge, Size II WIDDERKOPF Polymer Wedge, Size II
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EIA Measuring Tape EIA Measuring Tape
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Tools - requisites for every craftsman

Good tools make work more pleaurable and easier. This is something our Stone Age forbears would have known who quite adeptly constructed for themselves tools from stones, wood and other natural material. These basic tools have been further developed and improved upon by succeeding generations thus crreating the diversity of tools such as we know today. In our shop at Grube you will find a variety of different tools for drilling, cutting, hammering, sawing, sanding and many other types of work. We also carry pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches and spanners in numerous sizes as well as special tools for particular uses. All tools are suitable for professional use as well as for a home improvement workshop.

Time saving electrical tools

After the development of the hand tools, the next big step was the invention of tools powered byan electric drive.With such tools the time needed to carry out individual work steps could be immensely reduced. Moreover, electrical devices can penetrate even hard materials which would not be workable by hand. As for power tools our online shop has among other :

  • Grinding machines
  • Sawing machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Cordless screwdrivers

Tools for sharpening, storage and transport

High-quality tools should be maintained and stored appropriately. Thus they can be used for a long period of time and in some cases even for a lifetime. For purposes of storage you will find in our shop practical boxes in which all tools can be placed in orderly fashion. For mobile use at the construction site we can recommend special tool casse and tool beltson which you always have your tools close at hand.