Methods of Payment

We offer the following methods of payment - please choose the one that suits you best. In some cases the method of payment depends on the type of shipment or dispatch. Please note: Where justified and after detailed inspection, we reserve the right to exclude the type of payment you have selected and propose an alternative.


Pay for your order with PayPal.

Cash on Delivery (C.O.D)

Please have the appropriate amount in cash ready for your postman over the next few days.


We are pleased to deliver with an invoice. (Credit worthiness is prerequisite)

Payment in Advance

Dispatch / shipment with follow receipt of your payment by electronic transfer. For orders (except for books), you will receive a discount of 2%. When paying in advance, and in addition to your order confirmation, you will receive a separate email with payment instructions.

Credit Card

Pay using your credit or debit card. After placing your order, enter your card number, valid until date and security number.

Direct Debit

We debit the amount in question from your bank account. For orders (except for books), you will receive a discount of 2%. (Credit worthiness is prerequisite)