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Fibre Glass Plant and Marker Pole Fibre Glass Plant and Marker Pole
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SG Growing Sleeve SG Growing Sleeve
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PlantaGard® Anti-Gnaw Tree Protection PlantaGard® Anti-Gnaw Tree Protection
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Growth and Protection Cover Model PLANTA Growth and Protection Cover Model PLANTA
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Forestry Protection 550 Product
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Cervacol® Extra
Cervacol® Extra
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Concrete Wood Nesting Box 1B
Concrete Wood Nesting Box 1B
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Trico Browsing Protection
Trico Browsing Protection
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Ratron Poison Grains
Ratron Poison Grains
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Forest protection: products for preserving the forest terretory

To protect forests and nature from pests and other harmful influences, Grube offers a wide range of products for forestry and plant protection. Whether rodent control, amphibian protection or nesting caves and species conservation - our online shop keeps the right equipment in accordance with the latest standards of forestry.

Chemical, mechanical and biological plant protection

In the area of crop protection technology, Grube offers a wide range of different types. Plantagard tree guards, which frame trees through their non-galvanized braiding, are part of the sector of the mechanical plant protection and are characterized by the fact that they decay after the period of use in the forest. Even with lattice sheaths, game protection cuffs or fencing bars, trees and plants can be effectively protected against bite damage. Another way of avoiding damage to the hunting and forestry area is the biological plant protection. For this purpose, for example, stem protection paints are used to reduce cracks. Slit traps, on the other hand, will keep away unwelcome pests such as bark beetles. A third variant in the area of plant protection is chemical plant protection. In this case, repelling substances come into play, which effectively protect against deer and winter deer biting on the tree and plant. Cultivated areas, on the other hand, can be protected against rodents, such as earth or field mice, by means of Ratron poison pellets. However, to buy rodent control equipment, a certificate of competence is necessary.

Fence and gate construction as an effective solution for forestry protection

In order to sustain forestry and forestry protection, our shop also offers a wide range of equiment and accessories for fence construction, such as fence wrapping devices, earth boring machinse. Among our sophisticated gate and fence systems the demanding user is sure to find what will suit him best. Stability, corrosion resistance and high tear resistance characterize our products and help to protect the selected areas effectively and for a long time from unwanted visitors, pests and other hazards.

Find nesting holes and species protection equipment at Grube

It is not just trees, plants and soil that nees to be protected - the protection of species and organisms is also on the agenda of forest protection. Here products such as winter quarters for bats, nesting houses for insects or birds are are part of our range. Since bird protection is a means to biological pest control, specialist or private individuals managing forests should pay attentionto nesting holes and species protection. In addition to ready-to-use nesting holes and nest box construction sets, you will also find appropriate accessories such as cat defense belts, bird trays or cleaning devices for nesting cavities at Grube.

Forestry protection as the basis for sustainable forestry

Effective forest protection is indispensable as the basis for sustainable forestry. You can order the appropriate equipment simply online in the shop of Grube and benefit from a fast delivery as well as from varied payment methods such as prepayment, invoice, bank account, Paypal or credit card.