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Our Retail Outlet or Shop in Hützel

You will find our retail outlet alngside our head office in Hüztel
in the middle of the Lüneburger Heide. It`s only a few minutes' drive from the A7 Autobahn and close to Bispingen. It is well stocked with hunting clothes and forestry equipment, new products and well proven classics from our catalogues..

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We are proud that our customers value our friendly advice and competent service. For many customers in the Hamburg-Hannover area, a visit is almost a matter of course, and sometimes even part of their holiday on the Heide. Enjoy the shop’s ambience with its rich assortment of clothing, shoes and accessories. In addition, there is the extensive chainsaw shop with attractive offers for virtually everything to do with working with wood.

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We are looking forward to your visit

When visiting our shop, please note that not all of the 20,000 items and more, which are offered online and in our catalogues, can be displayed. However, we would be delighted to ensure that any specific product(s) you want are made available. Please contact us by telephone one working day before your visit on +49 5194 900-0.

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Grube KG Bispingen

Hützeler Damm 38 | 29646 Bispingen

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Retail Outlet Opening Times

Monday to Friday 07:30-18:00

Saturday 08:00-13:00