As supplier of everything to do with forestry, the family firm Grube has its roots deep in forest cultivation and management, exactly where the now rather overused expression “sustainability” was “invented” over 300 years ago. As a result, sustainable utilisation, conservation and development of our natural resources are absolutely vital to us..

Modern forestry work almost always involves using highly specialised machinery and plant. At the same time increasing numbers of people wish to spend their leisure hours in beautiful woodland surroundings, collecting firewood, or hunting. We have taken up the challenge of integrating and expanding the Company’s business across Europe, fulfilling or surpassing specialist professional and private customers’ expectations..

Our founder, Waldemar Grube, based the company’s philosophy on his personal principles. We all ensure those qualities remain our watchwords.


Excellent, certified quality and value for money are the criteria we use for deciding whether a new product is included in our range.


We remain close to and have constant contact with you the practitioners, just as important to us today as it was 70 years ago.

Expert Advice

With our catalogues  and websites we strive to provide you with a reliable guide assisting you in all manner of  questions related to your needs of purchase or procurement.


Immediate order processing, careful picking, safe and appropriate packaging followed by quick but inexpensive delivery is our daily business. Take advantage of what we offer. You will always get expert and honest advice. We stand on our good name.


You make risk-free purchases when buying from GRUBE. Whatever the advice you have sought, if a size doesn’t fit or if you are not satisfied with one of our products we will exchange it or offer you your money back without any fuss and according to German law. In all matters relating to exchanges, our long record of excellent customer service gives us the confidence to say, you will find us a very fair and accommodating business partner.

Our Staff

Our most valuable capital is our staff. We are committed to personal development. Over the years Grube has proven to be an excellent trainer and we support flexible working for families and women.