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Optical instruments are highly meaningful for the effective and responsible practice of hunting. The technology of optical hunting equipment undergoes permanent changes and becomes ever more versatile. In our online shop you find a large selection of state-of-the.art high quality hunting optics, among others:

  • range finders
  • binoculars
  • foto and video cameras
  • scopes
  • Thermal image cameras and nightviewing devices
  • wildlife cameras
  • accessories

Advantages and uses of optical instruments in hunting

The rangefinder shows you the distance from your location to the sighted game. This is particularly useful when you are on a high seat next to large open spaces. On such occasions it is easy to misjudge the distance between marksman and sighted game. Shots fired from too great a distance can unwillingly cause after-searches. Range finders are also useful for novice hunters. The as yet inexperienced huntesr can use them on the high seat checking out diistances in the environment and thus attaining a kind of mental map for shooting ranges. This will preclude misses owing to a too great distance..

Binoculars are uselful for spotting and observing wildlife from an unimpeded distance. We offer binoculars by the following renowned hunting optics manufacturers:

  • Zeiss
  • Swarovski
  • Leica
  • Minox
  • Steiner

Collect all the information you need and be clear about which areas of application you intend for the binoculars. High quality binoculars will accompany you reliably thoughout many years of your hunter's life therefore make your choice with due deliberation. 

Foto and video equipment allows you to make a record of your hunting experiences which you might want to share with friends and your family, either as static images or moving images. 

Scopes in hunting are an indespensible means for exactly determining the game`s age and the shape of its antlers. They also serve to inventorize (count) pieces of game from a wide distance. In order to attain a clear and stable view you should prop up the scopes. If no natural rest is at hand you can also resort to a tripod or monopod. In our online shop you will find scopes by leading companies such as Swarovski and Zeiss.

Thermal image and night viewing devices  serve to make visible wild life which you would not be able to detect with the naked eye or with the help of binoculars. Other than night viewing devices thermal image cameras can also be used during the day. Nothuing escapes detection by a thermal image technology thus you will have significantly more information on any game population. A night viewing device primarily serves for orientation. It is not mounted to the weapon nor has it any aiming grids.

Wildlife cameras  are represented by companies such as Dörr, Minox and Spypoint. When you mount these on a suitable vantage point in your hunting grounds you can take fotos of passing game without being present on site. The fotos taken by the camera will give you information on the species and their number as well as on the times at which the observed site had been visited. All this makes for effective monitoring without unduly  alarming the game.                   .

Standard, Vario or wide-angle zoom lenses count as accessories as do special optic cleaning kits, memory cards,  anti-misting fluids, bags for pointing telescopes and much more. There are accessories to protect, clean and maintain your optics or to enhance their capabilities.

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Browse our online shop. Detailed descriptions and the appertaining images give you plenty of information about the optical hunting instruments and their details. If you have questions our qualified staff willl be happy to assist you iby telephone from Monday to Friday.