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Whois not familiar with this problem: come January and all of a sudden one is being "surprised" by the onset of winter. In such a situation a snow shovel from our online shop may be a good remedy. Snow comes overnight. This means a pleasant white winter landscape, but it also means quite a bit of work. Sidewalks need to be cleared, snow in the courtyard needs to be removed. Snow shovels are the traditional tools to come to grips with the white splendour. Snow shovels are not expensive and are easy to handle. Thus everybody in the household can take part in the snow removal. Snow shovels are available in different materials. You can choose between traditional snow shovels made of wood, robust aluminium shovels and modern flexible snow shovels made of a synthetic material.

Spare parts for snow shovels and snowploughs

Of course we carry also all necessary spare parts you may need to bring your used tools into good repair. These spare parts are available for most of the models we have, those by Fiskars and Freund for instance.