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Rope climbing technology - products for the protection of the climber and the tree

Large trees can hardly be cultivated or cut from the ground. Moreover, trees that are close to roads or buildings often can not be felled in a conventional manner. In many cases it is therefore necessary to climb into the tree. Here the numerous products of the category rope climbing technology of our online shop at Grube will help you.

Safeguarding is watchword

Climbing in trees can easily lead to serious accidents. In this area, it is therefore particularly important to adopt safeguarding meassres. In addition, safeguarding is required by law to ensure that people suffering an accident will of rights be able to claim damages or recompensatory funds from professional associations. Plan your necessary equipment carefully. As far as the the personal protective equipment (PPE) of a tree climber is concerned, we carry the following articles:

  • Helmets, visors and hearing protectors
  • Cut-protection workwear and climbing gloves
  • Climbing harnesses
  • Ropes in numerous versions
  • Carabiner hooks
  • Crampons
  • Radio equipment
  • Safety straps for the chainsaw

Work involving rope climbing must only be carried out by qualified persons with the appropriate training. Training sessions with a final examination are offered by numerous associations and special climbing schools. If you would like to learn the technique of rope climbing for other reasons than for tree care, say for scientific purposes or for rescue operations, you will also find suitable offers for this. However, it is important that the course provider is recognized as a training facility by the employer's liability insurance association. In a course for rope-supported tree climbing you will not only learn the technique of climbing, but also rescuing skills. A first-aid course is also part of the training.

Products for the protection of the tree

In addition to the safety of the climber, the protection of the tree should not be neglected. You can find in our shop among other things protucts such as the Cambium saver which prevents the ropes from scrubbing on the tree. Of equal importance are good and sharp tools which allow branches to be cleanly separated from the trunk.