Saw Horses 7 Product

Make firewood using sawhorses!

More and more households now relie on a wood stove for heating, so it is often necessary to have supplies of cut-up firewood at hand. To help cut longer branches as safely and easily as possible, practical saw horses have been developed. These can fix or hold branches in a variety of ways so as to ensure easy sawing with a chainsaw. With some models, such as the Holzmichel saw trestle, several branches can be cut simultaneously to equal length .

Safe working with the chain saw

Gone are the days when wood was sawn unsecured on the forest floor with the chainsaw. Now working safety is a top priority, which is definitetly met with the use of a sawhorse. Between the fixtures, you can safely saw logs after log.

Easy assembly of the sawhorse

Our sawhorses are easy to make ready for working with the chainsaw. They are set up in a few minutes so that sawing can start! Disassembly of sawhorses happens as fast as assembly. In their folded state sawhorses take up little space to store.