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Gloves 26 Products
Mufflon Wrist Warmers
Mufflon Wrist Warmers
From €26.90

3 colours


1 available sizes: Schwarz


1 available sizes: Braun


1 available sizes: Forrest

Gloves – warm hands in cold temperatures

Who does not know the problem of cold hands in winter. Cold hands can cause your whole body to shiver, they can also result in your fingers feeling numb and restricted in movement. If you want to have warm hands in the cold season your best bet is a pair of high-qualitiy gloves. These should be part of your winter outfit, just as much as your warm coat, trousers, your shawls and shoes. There are suitable gloves for any kind of situation, at work, for hunting, for leisure time activities or any other individual requirements you may have.

Which gloves are best for you?

There are different types of highly functional gloves. Major brands have developed innovative models leaving nothing to be desired, To dertermine the correct size for your gloves please refer to the size chart which you can call up on each individual product page.

The table below will give you an overview of what is available in our online shop:

type of glove qualities other particulars
hunting gloves
  • robust
  • slip-resistant
  • soft inner liningr
  • long wrist section with elastic band or velcro fastener
  • camo colours and patterns
  • low-noise
  • many models with trigger finger
  • wind & waterproof
  • breathable
  • comfortable
  • warm
  • adjustable cord to sling muff around your shoulder
  • innovativer Muff in Form eines Fingerhandschuhs mit Tasche an der Außenseite für die zweite Hand
fleece gloves
  • soft
  • water repellent
  • special fabric on palms for good grip (e.g. rubber nipples or leather)
fingerless gloves
  • warm
  • easy to care
  • tough knitted material
  • can be turned into warm mittens
  • good for intricate work
  • excellent freedom of movement for fingers
wrist warmers
  • with a thumb opening
  • do not impede freedom of movement
  • the classic in high-quality leather
  • soft inner lining
  • extraordinary sense of touch
children`s gloves
  • long-life
  • stretchable
  • bright colors, child-oriented
heated gloves
  • heat regulation by pressing a button
  • rechargable batteries
  • a highlight for your outdoor sojourn

Please also browse our hats, scarves and hunting clothes to supplement your functional wintry outfit .

Prevent cold hands

Blood vessels in the limbs at the furthest remove from the heart, e.g. in your feet and hands, tend to contract quickly when it is cold. As a result these respective areas of the body are only insufficiently supplied with warming blood. The absence of a fat layer as well as the fingers' sensitive skin other further factors which make our hands prone to chilling or, in the worst case, cause chilblains.

Of course, there is no reason to shun exposure to cold winter air. Protect your fingers by movement that stimulates blood circulation and by functional clothes. A pair of perfecly sitting and insulating gloves will do the jobs. If your hands tend to swat you should consider one of our breathable models.

Buying gloves made easy – order from our online shop

When you buy your gloves online you can bank on our reliable service. It is easy to walk through the order process during which you will find various options of payment - our aim being to make your online shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

You will also profit from our fast delivery times, from our safe packaging and the possibilitiy of returning goods free of charge.Should you have any questions you are most welcome to contact our customer service who will be pleased to assist you.