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Hart Canvas Belt Hart Canvas Belt
€14.90 €18.90

2 Available sizes: Oliv

Leather Belt without Buckle Leather Belt without Buckle

2 Color


3 Available sizes: Braun


3 Available sizes: Schwarz

Foresta Hosenträger Holländer Foresta Hosenträger Holländer

2 Color


1 Available sizes: Oliv


1 Available sizes: Braun

Fjällräven Murena Silver Belt Fjällräven Murena Silver Belt

2 Available sizes: Leather brown

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High-quality belts for hunters

Belts are not only practical to keep your trousers in place but are also items of fashion. Browse our online shop and select the right belt matching your trousers. Among the men's belts you will find different types: leather belts with buckles showing different motivs, linen belts and much more. Hunters and huntresses will find a wide range of belt buckles with different animal motifs. Of course, we also carry neutral standard buckles.

Large selection of belt by different manufacturers

Do you have a favourite brand? You have come to the right place since we offer belts from e.g. Fjällräven, Blaser, Laksen or Deerhunter. Convince yourself of our high-quality merchandise if you have not done so already!