Outdoor clothing - functional clothing for leisure, sports and work

As a saying goes there is no bad weather, but only wrong clothing. After all, clothing should generally protect us from wind, sun, rain or cold, while at the same time meeting the requirements of our activities. Whether you want to go mountain climbing and hiking, climbing or skiing, or if you are interested in cycling. Meanwhile you can find the appropriate outdoor wear for every kind of sport and weather. This category is for you, even if you are not doing sports. It will serve you well if you are looking for the right outfit for your private activities, for example for gardening.

What should you watch out for when purchasing outdoor clothing?

Outdoor clothing is available for many occasions. it should above all be practical and functional with the following characteristics:

  • capable of withstanding heavy stress
  • extremely robust
  • offering protection from all kinds of environmental influences
  • chic and modern look

First and foremost, however, outdoor clothing nmust provide some essential functions. While in cycling breathability and freedom of movement are important in winter sports functional clothing is more about heat storage and proofness against wind. You should therefore be aware of the situation in which you need the functional clothing. Mountaineers should look for breathable, wind and waterproof clothing, whereas the functional clothing for climbers should meet different safety aspects. It is also important to protect against hazardous UV rays. For any kind of outdoor sports appropriate rainwear should be part of your equipment. When it comes to outdoor shoes you should make sure that these are suitable for heavy duty. In addition you sturdy footwear should also be breathable and waterproof.

Functional clothing for many occasions

Suitable underwear is the basis of every outdoor outfit. In our shop you will find short- or long-sleeved functional underwear which as a first layer protect the upper body, arms and legs from wind or cold. What is important with underwear is a sweat absorbing function which guides the moisture away from the body and thus keeps it dry.

Shirts, sweaters and jackets are designed to store heat and repel cold. Special materials can retain body heat and simultaneously transport moisture outwards without letting rain penetrate from outside. Special raincoats will keep you dry even with long continuous rainfall. Matching outdoor shirts or outdoor jackets are available in many shapes and colour to be combined with with shoes or underwear..

Find the right outdoor clothing online

You can now order suitable outdoor clothing online from home. The advantage: If you have questions, suggestions or information requests, you can contact our telephone customer service. Thanks to many years of experience, we can advise you expertly and professionally. Furthermore, you can choose among several safe payment options such as Paypal, invoice, credit card or direct debit, which makse an online purchase easy.

In our online shop you can find out about the individual functions and aspects of outdoor clothes. No matter if you search fo suitable underwear, colored outdoor jackets, rainwear, shirts or shoes, you will surely find what you are looking for. Thanks to our free return shipping, you have the option of trying on clothes at home and to exchange them if necessary.

We hope you enjoy you shopping!