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Outdoor knives and multitools for heavy duty

For hunters, adventurers and people who are fond of the outdoors knives are the most important tools. No other item of these people´s equipment is as universal and of such personal use as the knife, a tool wich is needed on many occasion in the woods or the wilderness. Read here what you should pay attention to when you selct an outdoor knife or a multitool.

Differentiating characteristics of outdoor knives and multitools

In the Grube shop all knives and other tools are grouped according to their main area of application. Different sizes and shapes will serve different purposes.

The assortment may be subdivided into the following categories:

  • pocket knives
  • foldable knives
  • knives with a fixed blade
  • hunting knives
  • machetes
  • multitools
  • axes and hatchets
  • accessories

Buy the perfect outdoor knife

What knife one chooses will be both a matter of personal preferences and intended use: knives come in many different varieties of steel, they differ from each other in shape and blade thickness. There are also many different materials from which the knivees´s handles are made. However, the most important criterion is always the are of application. Only if the knife fulfills all the requirements of the given taks will its owner be pleased. Thus for example knives primarily used in the area of offroad driving should be robust, whereas people who love to go ttrekking will pay attention to the knife´s weight and to its practical properties for outdoor cooking. Other characteristics such as sharpness, balnace, sharpness retention and long life use will also play a part. There are also special-purpose knives for particular tasks in hunting and fishing.

Go classic: the pocket knife

Pocket knives are practical and allrounders, good for many purposes. They are available in many designs and sizes. The best known are the Swiss arrny knives of the Victorinox brand bearing the Swiss cross on the red handle halves. Victorinox, based in Ibach (Switzerland) has been manufacturing knives for more than 100 years.

What is of equal importance is the appropriate care of the knife. Bearing this in mind you are guaranteed to enjoy your new knife for many years. Above all, after intensive use knives should be thoroughly cleaned and if necessary sharpened.You will find useful knife care accessories in the Grube onlineshop.

Practical helper: multitools

Multifunctional tools, in short mulittools, are your toolbox in the pocket and are intended to be used when you are on the move. These practical allrounders are not only popular with offroad aficionados or adventurers, but are the tools of choice in many other areas. Apart from knives intended primarily for outdoor use you will also find many other tools in our shop that are geared towards everyday use at home.

We carry a wide selection of multitools with many functions: pliers, blades, screwdrivers and other. As with pocket knives all tools can be folded in which makes multitools compact and handy, ideal for lighter baggage.

Axes and hatchets for forestry work

In our Forestry Shop you will find futher (bigger) tools.Axes are good for rougher kinds of forestry and splitting work, as they can be worked with two hands. Hatchets are smaller and weigh less thus can be operated one-handed. Hunters like to use these for smaller repairs or prepatory work in their terrain, but also icampers and offroaders appreciate the hatchet´s many uses, for instance it´s (secondary) use as a hammer.Of course, our axes and hatchets do not only prove their mettle in the forest, but are equally used at home e.g. for making wood. If weigth is an issue, a foldable saw is a good alterantive.

Order online

If you have decided on which tool you would like to acquire you will find it very easy to order in our online shop We offer various means of payment and can assist you with expert advice as a part of our customer service.