Offroad accessories for vehicles.

Driving offroad i.e. on terrain, where one would hardly speak of road, depends on reliable equipment. In the event of a breakdown, cross-country drivers must be able to help themselves and others.

Vehicle winches for retrofitting

To recover a vehicle that has become stuck in the mud oftent takes lot of time and effort. It is a lot easier if a cable winch takes over the work. We offer brand winches from Horn Tools in different performance classes. These winches are firmly connected to the vehicle or trailer.

The alternative to the permanently built-in winch are hand winches. These are independent of fuel or battery power. Besides, a winch is easy to maintain and has proven itself for decades.

Dynaforce winch ropes - the light-weight alternative

Until a few years ago winch ropes made of steel were state-of-the-art. But altough these are very stable, they also have many disadvantages. Apart from their high weight, they can get bent or squeezed when spooled onto the drum. Defective strands might protrude laterally and cause damageto the user. Tearing of steel ropes can also pose a danger because of their self-tension which will make them cut through the air.

Capstan winches - ideal for offroad use

Our Nordforest Capastan Cable Winch 1800 is a tool of whose development we are particularly proud. This compact winch of merely 12.5 kg weight is driven by a powerful two-stroke engine. The rope length is unlimited. The pulling force of the capstan is a powerful 1800 kg. Thus these capstan winches can perform many helpful tasks away from the vehicle.

Typical applications for the Nordforest capstan cable winch are:

  • Recovery of vehicles
  • Use in forestry for the ground traction of trees
  • Game recovery on the hunt

Versatile helpers: round slings

Round slings are suitable for many applications. They have proven their usefulness especially as anchoring or fixing utensils since they can be flexibly attached to objects. We offer you polyester round slings of tested quality in different lengths. Round slings are ideal for attaching rope hoists or rope winches to trees or trailer couplings. Dyneema® soft shackels are new in the range. They are light and have a high breaking load. in Offroad use soft shackles save valuable weight.

Keep order in the vehicle with toolboxes

On offroad trips, loose tools and other baggage can easily pose a safety risk. We recommend the use of toolboxes. These boxes are extremely robust and keep things organized in the trunk. They are made of aluminum or plastic and are available in various sizes.

In addition, we also carry lashing straps and luggage nets for load securing. By using these your offroad accessories will remain secure in place under rough driving conditions.