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Shooting air rifles and guns as a passtime

Air rifle shooting is a popular leisure time activity in many countries. Low acquisition and follow-up costs as well as neglectable legal obstacles are good reasons to engage in this type of inexpensive leisure activity..

What aspects of the gun law need to be heeded?

Both types of gun belong to the category of small arms as long as the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • maxumzm energy output at the muzzle must not exceed 7,5 joule.
  • calibre size is 4.5 mm (.177)
  • the weapon (mostly the barrel) is clearly marked „F im Fünfeck“

Air guns which meet the above requirements can be sold to people of legal age (18 years) on presentation of a proof of age. neither police clearance certificate, certificate of competence or proof of club membership is necessary.

What do I have to bear in mind if I want to transport an air rifle?

Transport of an air rifle must be effect in a suitable, locked case. The requirement is that the weapon is neither accessible nor ready to shoot during transport.The sealed original packaging of the delivered gun meets this kind of requiremen. For daily use and transport to the shooting range or the rifle maker a lockable gun case will do.

What types of air rifles are there?

Basically air rifles can be divided into three technical categories:

  • Spring pressure rifles
  • These are systems that generate energy through the spring meachism of the trigger. Such weapons have the advantage that apart from the acquisistion costs there will only be running costs for the projectiles, the socalled Diabolos.t.

  • CO2 air rifles with an integrated mit einer integrierten cartouche
  • CO2 air rifles require gas cartouches for their operation. One advantage is that the trigger will not snap back. Cartouches are not refillable. This technology is mainly found in air guns.

  • Compressed air guns
  • This type of techology is mainly found in guns for professional shooting. Grube only carries the other two types, CO2 air rifles and spring pressure rifles.