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Wildlife cameras - your second sight

With a wildlife camera you are an invisible observer in the area. Poistion the wildlife cameras in places where there is sure to be wildlife. On the other hand, perhaps you would like to check out a completely unknown location of your hunting area with your wild camera. Our wildlife online shop has something to offer for everyone, from the low entry-level to the professional camera. We include, among others, cameras such as the Dörr SnapShot or the Minox DTC. In addition to the native megapixel resolution of the cameras, the amount of functional features determines the price.

The normal infrared flash remains visible in the dark as a reddish glow of the LED. Better game cameras have a black filter screen installed in front of the light-emitting diodes, which means that the infrared flashes are completely invisible and no longer perceived by wild boarr, deer, fox and other game.

A wild camera is not only interesting for hunters

A wild camera is not only useful in the field of hunting it can also serve as a camera trap in your homestead garden. Who would not like to know what sneaks around the house at night? A raccoon at the trash can, a deer nibbling at the roses? A wild camera, often referred to as a photo trap, quickly brings light into the dark. Thanks to modern technology so-called GPRS wildlife cameras are even able to send you the captured image in seconds via e-mail. Thus, if the situation requires it, you are in a position to react quickly. Such wildlife cameras are therefore also suitable to monitor the bait site. If you are unsure which model or wilflife camera is right for you: Call us, our experts will help you!

Accessories for wildlife camera

Our wilflife cameras are already delivered with an SD card which allows you to record more than 3000 photos without accessing the memory of the wildlife camera. Wildlife cameras usually come with a strap which is used to attach the camera to the tree. We have, of course, other mounting options in our portfolio as well as protective housings or cable locks. Be creative when you camouflage your wild camera! Use grasses, leaves and branches to protect your camera as well as possible from the eyes of the game and possible passers-by. Be careful not to cover the flash, the sensor or the lens.