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Flashlights and headlights in brand quality.

A torch can be useful in many situations. Whether for the hunter in the woods or as a reserve in case of power failure and vehicle breakdown: We offer carefully selected flashlights and other products in our online shop which allow you to turn night into day. Particulary on the hunt a good light enhances your safety because you will be seen sooner.

LED flashlights in handy sizes

Just a few years ago, halogen lamps were the non plus ultrua in flashlight technology. Today, energy-saving LEDs have taken their place. This has the following reasons:

  • LED bulbs require only a fraction of the energy consumed by other lamps
  • Lamps can be smaller, lighter and more handy
  • Longer operating time
  • Greater range of the lamp
  • Longer lamp life
  • Shadowless circular illumination in close range
  • LED bulbs are insensitive to bumps

The right flashlight for everyone

We offer a wide selection of LED flashlights in our Onlineshop. A well-known manufactureis the Zweibrüder company from Solingen with their brand LED Lenser . Our product selection includes lamps in different sizes. You will be amazed by the extreme brightness, range and economy of these lamps. Moreover, if the weight of a lamp is important, there is no way around the LED lamp.

Important factors when buying a flashlight are the range and the operating time. Brightness is also a criterion for a high quality flashlight. Finally, a useful flashlight should be be comfortable and easy to operate. Since not all LED flashlights on the market can be focused, this feature is another quality characteristic.

Take advantage of our experience as a hunting supplier and order your new torch at Grube. Most of our products have been selected on the basis that despite their modern LED technology they can be operated with standard batteries (AA or AAA ). Nothing is more annoying than to rely on expensive special batteries for a flashlight which are only available at specialist shops. We advise you to use branded batteries in your hunting torch.

Some of our flashlights are equipped with rechargeable batteries. These models are recommended when you use the torch very frequently and for longer periods of time. Batteries relieve the environment and your purse. The use of expensive lithium batteries is recommended if the temperature falls well below the freezing point and when the cold will take its due of normal energy sourcel, up to the point of exhaustion.

All LED lamps emit a bright and highly visible light. Within individual series, the features differ among the models and varieties. You can easily read off the corresponding technical data on the respective product pages. The necessary batteries or rechargeable batteries are often included in the scope of supply. More accessories for lamps can be ordered conveniently via the Grube Shop.

Both hands free thanks to the headlamp

Hunters, joggers, and many more are aware of the usefulness of a headlamp . Other than with a flashlight, you have both hands free and can concentrate fully on your activity. This is particularly practical when working in the workshop or on the harvester! It is an invaluable advantage to always have the source of light directed towards your range of sight! The headlights are operated with AAA batteries, the large models are often equipped with a rechargeable battery. By recharging, they are quickly ready for use again.

How to find the brightest flashlight

For purposes of comparison the lumen value is a reliable indicator of brightness. You find this value on all Zweibruder Led Lenser models. The lumen value describes the measure for the emitted, visible radiation of a radiation source. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the LED. This value has been established by measuring the highest level of brightes once the lamp is switched on with frest batteries. Please be aware, that lamps should not be "too bright" because of the possible glare. If you have any questions about our flashlight program, please do not hesitate to contact us.