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Double edged hunting knives

Double edged hunting knives are tradional hunting tools. Often the socalled cold weapon is to be preferred over against the shot. It is often a question of avoiding unnecessary danger in unclear and hectic situations. Dog handlers will apreciate the efficiency of these dagger-type knives with which they can keep their dogs out of danger. No shot is given thus eliminating all risk for the dogs or the fellow hunters who are about to arrest or bind a piece of game. Hunting without boar or deer daggers is still unimaginable today. The long and wide blades of these daggers will effect a quick kill if the hunter knows his job. When they are not in use these knives had best be put into a sheath for safe transport. In their design there a only small difference between deer daggers and boar daggers.

Deer daggers - more than a tool

Deer daggers are double-edged knives of 40 cm length. They are primarily and traditionally used for big game hunting. Deer daggers can make an effective final kill when you are confronting red deer, fallow deer or boars. Use of the knife for killing precludes any danger to your dog. This practical hunting tool is also available in a highly decorated deluxe version. Dog handlers know quite well that such highly decorative knives are not meant for hunting. The daggers available at Grube heed back to their origianl qualities: plainness and functionality. Knives you simply do not want to go without. In our assortment you will find well-known quality brands such as Puma, Linder and Böker.

Boar daggers

Boar daggers are similar to deer daggers. Their blades are not quite as long but are in most cases significantly wider. Once the knife penetrates the vital organs of the game air will quickly flow into this area thanks to the particular shape of the blade. An important design feature of all daggers is their guard which prevents slipping of the and thus reduces the risk of injury. In our online shop you will find well-tried and known models of this type of dagger, e.g. the Linder boar dagger.

Boar spears - safety by distance

Also still in use: boar spears. Those who have had the experience of killing a stronger boar by means of a dagger will know that every extra centimeter of distance to the injured boar will enhance your safety. The length of the blade as well as the type of handle are important criteria for successful application. Some boar daggers can be attached to spears, which reprensents a modern way of hunting.