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It´s all in the bag - the hunting backpack

Successful hunting always presupposes being well equipped. The hunter wants to be prepared for all situations. Knives, saws, binoculars, distance meters and much more. In addition to all hunting equipment, food or a good book are also considered to form part and parcel of the hunting experience. All this is easy to store in a hunting backpack . the typical hunting backpack is spacious enough to carry everything one needs. In our online shop you will find hunting backpacks made of different materials such as light, low-noise loden or the easy-care and robust G1000. Some of our backpacks are more than just a bag but at the same time serve as a means to sit down on. The hunting pack Stubben Fjällräven is one of those backpacks that offer comfortable seating. Particulary on driven hunts without seating opportunities bags with a seat function offer a real alternative.

The hunting bag, the classic companion

Hunting bags made of leather or loden are the classic companions on the hunt. They offer enough space for ammunition and the most important utensils, but also allow you to attach wildfowl to special hangers. A hunting pack may also serve for the transport of game. Who does not know the romantic paintings of the hunting genre depicting hunters with a shouldered, well-packed piece of deer? Some backpacks in our online shop are already delivered with an inlay for game transport, for all others types of rucksacks we carry a game bag that can be retrofitted. Your equipment will not come into direct contact with the game and the backpack will not get dirty. Well-known manufacturers of our hunting bags are for example Fjällräven, Fauna or Tatonka.