A hunting aid makes your hunting easier

After a successful hunt, many hunters ask themselves how their kill can best be moved and transported. 18 kg for roe deer, 80 kg for wild boar and 150 kg for red deer are not atypical values. It is obvious from these values that domestic game is not always easy to move. For this we offer a simple solution with our various game recovery devices..

The right recovery aid for one or more people

If you are on you own, we recommend the proven multi-purpose game hook which is attached to the lower jaw of the hunted animal. This facilitates the transport of game to the place where you want to break it. For dragging heavy game by several hunters the tjs 3-waq game recovery hook or the Jägerschmid game recovery ook have proven very successful. For extremely heavy items, rope winches can be useful which pull the killed game directly onto the loading area or the trailer.

Innovations and tried classics for game recovery

Beside the classic game basin and the game transport bag you will find in our online store also more recent developments, such as the practical towbar carrier HELI. This construction is also ideally suited for other transport tasks. As a cheaper alternative for various transport tasks a towbar mounted carrier will serve its purpose very well. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Game recovery aids and game transport accessories in overview

  • game hooks
  • recovery hooks
  • game hanger (as a breaking aid)
  • Winches and capstans
  • game basins

Tip: Pay attention to the subject load securing . Lashing straps and luggage nets help you in this.