Hunting equipment and hunting supplies online at Grube

Know-how and experience are immensely important in hunting, but there is more to it: the right hunting equipment and hunting accessories are a decisive factor in the success and safety of hunting. Whether equipment for a driven hunt, for hunting in a group, for decoy hunting or crowing, : you will find the right equipment and the best utensils for your individual needs - at a high-quality and a good price.

Hunting Knives, Binoculars and more - the basic equipment for hunters

The term hunting equipment is wide, but for young hunters it is recommended to start with the basics. Let us for instance take the field of optics where a suitable pair of binoculars is indispensible for spotting and observing approaching game. Here the value of the twilight factor serves as a good indication of the gbinoculars´suitability for twilight situations. There are of course many other criteria one might wish to prioretize. At Grube, you will find high-quality optics products from top brands such as Zeiss, Swarovski, Leica or Steiner. In addition to weather and water-resistant clothing for outdoor use there we also recommend hunting backpacks as must-haves for hunting. In a low-noise (spacious) bag the hunter will be able to stow away everything he needs during his hunt, be it a torch, ammunition, a hunting knife, a thermos or a portable light. Various backpacks can even be used for sitting or as an aid for retrieving game.

Hunting supplies for ambitious hunters

In addition to the basic equipment, Grube also offersa wide selection of high-quality hunting equipment for the experienced and ambitious hunter . Among others we carry transport cases for hunting rifles or shotguns, shooting glasses, weapon accessories such as rifle sling, aiming sticks and camouflage items. In short, everything for a safe, comfortable and efficient use of the weapon. For decoy hunting you will find an interesting range of products, for example decoys or attractants.

Modern hunting equipment for a successful Waidwerk

Modern technology has long since found its way into hunting equipment and facilitates the hunter´s job in many ways.. For example, use of robust radio equipment for better co-ordination is ideal for the company hunt. Powerful and camouflaged wildlife cameras will help you keep a close watch on your hunting area, to monitor the feeding place and to be able to react quickly in any situation. Many devices are suitable for use at any time of the day or at night, thanks to their almost invisible nocturnal flashes which will not frighten away the game.

Well equipped for the next hunt

The right hunting accessories are often decisive for the success and safety of a hunt. You can order your hunting equipment online with us. We offer a fast delivery and a wide range of payment methods such as invoice, prepayment, direct debit, credit card or PayPal.