Hunting clothes for women and men

In our hunting shop you will find the right hunting clothes for your sojourn in the field and in the forest. We offer brand-quality apparel by Fjällräven, Blaser, Deerhunter, Seeland, Härkila, Nordforest Hunting, Hubertus, Rascher, Hard, Percussion, Beretta. Apart from hunting trousers, hunting jackets, shirts and blouses our wide range includes a wide variety of other hunting apparel in many sizes.

For every weather the right hunting gear

A noisy hunting jacket more often than not has frightened off game at the very last moment. And there can be nothing more unpleasant than sitting wet and freezing on the high seat only because the clothing offers poor weather protection. On the hunt you will be outdoors in wind and weather, but despite uncomfortable weather you want to reach your destination warm and dry. This is where functional textiles come in. Functional textiles are by now well established in the field of hunting. Hunting jackets and hunting trousers with integrated membrane ensure that rain is warded off so that there is very little chance of getting wet, let alone soaked. In conjunction with functional underwear and fiber pile, sweat and moisture can evaporate thus preventing loss of body heat. Membrane clothing for men and women are part of the assortment of all major hunting brands, ie manufacturers such as Fjällräven, Hubertus, Deerhunter, Seeland and Blaser.

The following aspects are basic requirements for your hunting clothes:

  • robust
  • noise-free
  • inconspicuous
  • functional
  • light and
  • fast drying

Outdoor clothing or hunting fashion should be worn in layers one above the other just like the layers of an onion. The hunting jacket must meet special requirements: it should protect its wearer from wind and weather, provide good freedom of movement, and neither be too cold nor too warm.

Hunting clothing with membrane: tips for the right use

Pure cotton clothing is not suitable in combination with membranes because it merely absorbs sweat and moisture. A better choice are cotton-blended fabrics as used by many brand manufacturers. This also goes for hunting boots with membrane. Here, the wrong socks quickly lead to cold, wet feet even if the boots are water-proof. The basis of any good hunting outfit is provided by functional underwear which is able to transport moisture quickly away from the skin. Ultimately, the membrane of the hunting jacket or hunting trousers will direct moisture outwards. Here, the socalled onion principle of clothing comes to good effect. Membranes are often registered pantents and have names such as Hydratic (Fjällräven) or Deertex ( Deerhunter). In principle, a membrane constitutes is a microporous thin film with tiny holes. In fact, these holes are so small, that liquid water can not penetrate, but vaporous water can pass through.

Orange anyone?

In addition to the classic olive and camo, signal clours are much in evidence manong hunting apparal. The color orange, for example, is hardly visible for game. By the way, warning colors are obligatory in group or society hunts according to the accident prevention regulations for hunting.At such hunts the respective hunt manager is responsible for the observance of these regulations. With conspicuous hunting clothes in orange from our shop you can make your own contribiton to a safe hunt.

The right clothing for novice hunters and "old hands"

Apart from the functional aspects of hunting clothes, good value for money is another criterion. To the price-conscious buyer we can recommned Hubertus as a brand with excellent value for money. Brands such as Percussion, Deerhunter, Farmland or Seeland are situated in the middle price segmen with some very good products. With us, you can get just about everything you could think of, be it a check shirt for everyday life, a casual hunting vest for the transitional period or a loden coat for freezing cold nights on the high seat. With our hunting fashion you will also be appropriately dressed for the celebratory feasing at the close of the society hunt.

Hunting clothes in oversize

Our customers can be sure to benefit from many years of experience and feedback from practicing hunters. There are also many hunters among our staff. We also provide for those looking for extra large sizes. By the way: our extensive range of clothing also includes traditional costume fashion. Of course, we can also supply you with many other products, such as hunting knives, gun belts or accessories for your hounds. We invite you to browse our online shop to explore what there is:

Our brands for hunting fashion at a glance

  • Fjällräven
  • Blaser
  • Härkila
  • Seeland
  • Laksen
  • Deerhunter
  • Nordforest
  • Hubertus
  • OS Trachten
  • Jagdhund
  • Rascher
  • Chevalier
  • Hart
  • Percussion
  • Farm-Land
  • Beretta
  • Baleno
  • Flexorain
  • thermofunction

Please also take note of our wide selection of boots and socks for hunters.

Hunting clothes for women

For ladies we have a wide selection of hunting clothes, but also clothes for other outdoor or leisure activities. Ladies´hunting clothes are both functional, practical and fashionable. Some items of clothing have a particular chique to them. We invite you to have a look at our range from top-quality brands such as Blaser, Härkila, Chevalier, Seeland, Hubertus, Laksen, Fjällräven and Baleno. All of these brands cater for a male and female clientéle. Our selection is rounded off by popular brands such as Jack Wolfskin, Elkline or Campagnolo.

Membrane clothing for hunting

A high-quality ladies' hunting jacket does not necessarily have to be equipped with a membrane. However, clothing with this feature combines many positive characteristics. A membrane does not allow rain to pass through, whereas water vapor from inside can egress. The greater the temperature and humidity differences between the inside and the outside, the better a membrane. For the best possible effect, we recommend wearing functional underwear as a base layer. Two types of membranes are used in our hunting clothes: laminate and Z-liner. The difference lies in the structure of the garment´s fabric.

In the case of the laminate the membrane is directly connected to the outer fabric. In comparison, the Z-liner loosely hangs between the outer fabric and the lining. With laminate membranes water already drips off the surface of the clothing. However, laminates are usually somewhat louder. In gerneral, Z-liners usually have a higher breathing activity, ie a higher permeability for water vapor. The material of the outer material determines whether it absorbs water or not. The inside remains dry due to the membrane.

As a long-time supplier of hunting clothing, we exclusively include membrane textiles, which fulfill important characteristics for the hunter and the hunter. Ladies clothing with membrane ensures dry skin and a good wearing comfort. We have developed a good reputation among our female customers with our well-selected hunting jackets for ladies, their functional details and fashionable cuts. See for yourself!

The matching hunting trousers for game stalking

In addition to the hunting jacket, a complete hunting outfit also includes good hunting trousers. Depending on the model, hunting trousers for women fulfill different requirements such as breathing activity, wind and water tightness, durability or the use of particularly quiet fabrics. The demands on hunting trousers for high seat hunting naturally differ from those posed by a driven hunt . What is important is a good wearing comfort both when sitting and stalking, at rest as well as in motion. Theis rulee also applies for leisure time apparel. As a second layer fiber pile or a fleece jacket are good choices. In order to allow moisture to be transported through a membrane, the adjoing fabric should not, as far as possible, absorb moisture. Instead, swift mosture transport to the next garment layer is the key to a high wearing comfort. Fiber pile jackets, as known from forestry work, ideally fulfill this task .

Ladies' hunting boots

In our online shop you will find ladies' shoes and boots for every kind of terrain. Natural rubber boots for hunting are part of our selection. We can offer you ladies' boots from Le Chameau, Aigle and Viking. These boots are comfortable to wear thanks their composition of 100% natural rubber. IPart from hunting boots for women we also carry hiking boots and winter boots, both in fashionable designs and swith excellenct sole characteristics. At Grube you can order several sizes to choose from. So you can try your new hunting shoes at home.