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Arthus Tracking Harness Arthus Tracking Harness
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BoDo Tracking Shoe Attachments BoDo Tracking Shoe Attachments
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Adoro Gun Dog Tracking Leash & Harness Adoro Gun Dog Tracking Leash & Harness
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Biothane Tracking Leash Biothane Tracking Leash
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Tracking Lead Tracking Lead
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Sweat Trail Tracking 14 Product

Sweat trail tracking

Tracking is probably the most important dog work during the hunt. The detection, tracking and killing of sick game according to law succeeds only with a well-trained dog. You will find sweats, harnesses and different other useful accessories. We carry round and smooth straps and can particularly recommend sweat training with the BoDo Tracking Shoe Attachments.Of course, you can also drip sweats on self-made tracking parcours. In our online shop you will also find specialist books on the sunbject of racking work