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Dog Detectors - perfect for all snouts and runaways

In the last few years, dog detection has become one of the most importantsubject among dog handlers. On the one hand there are situations in hunting where dog tracking is crucial. Others appreciate the certainty of knowing where their faithful four-legged friend happens to be. State-of-the-art dog detection systems rely on GPS-supported technology and allow the hunting dog to be spotted quickly and precisely. You have the choice between GPS / short-range radio-based devices such as the Garmin Alpha 100, and GPS / GSM / GPRS based devices. The latter use the mobile radio network to transfer the coordinates to a mobile phone, either directly via SMS or via data service over the Internet and dog-finding apps. Such devices are the Tracker G500 , G400 Tracker or the Contact GPS II. Depending on the use of your hunting dog one or the other tracking system will be the most advantageous.

Not only for hunting dog detection

In addition to hunting, dogs are also professionally used in many other areas. Regardless of whether police, aid organization or mantrailer - wherever the dog handler has difficulties in following his dog, GPS dog tracking systems make work easier and provide safety. Modern locating devices make it possible not only to find the dog again. You can even follow the movement of your hunting dog directly. Motion and sound sensors even signal the pointing, standing or barking of the dog.

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