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Ear Protection 35 Products

Active hearing protection or passive hearing protection?

The question of whether you need an active or passive hearing protection results mainly from your field of application. Passive Ear Defenders for hunting attenuate all ambient noise alike, so that shot blast or industrial noise is not harmful to your hearing.

Peltor hearing protection as intelligent hunting aid

Active Ear Protectors, such as the Peltor SportTac or MSA Sordin Supreme Pro, also consist of a medium and high level noise protection shell, but are also equipped with sophisticated electronics on top to the basic hearing protection. With active hearing devices, low level noise is allowed to pass unhindered and is even amplified, whilst the ear defenders reacts to loud, ear-damaging noise within milliseconds and shuts such sources of noies, e.g the the bang of a shot. You can simply continue to talk on the shooting range without constantly moving the hearing protection up and down. On the hunt, you can even amplify soft noises with the active hearing protection and listen to wild much earlier.

Electronic capsule hearing protector for hunters and marksmen

Regardless of whether you are on a high seat,on a driven hunt or a shooting range, you should always wear hearing protection when firing a shot. Modern, electronic hearing protectors even offer the possibility to connect an MP3 player or a radio. Connection to capusle hearing protectors is either wired or effected via Bluetooth. Capsule hearing protectors, which are firmly and securely attached to the ear due to the contact pressure of the hearing protection caps, offer the optimum protection in any situation. We carry hearing protectors of the MSA Sordin and Peltor 3M brands. Of course you will also find accessories for passive and active hearing protection, spare parts and simple earplugs that you can directly and simply plug into the ear after brief compression.

Flexible ear protectors guarantee perfect wearing comfort

Another variant within our product range are noise defenders such as the 3M EAR which facilitate smooth and simple insertion and removal. The flexible hearing protection frame to which two conically-shaped hearing protection plugs are attached makes for uncomplicated handling thanks to these innovative joints.