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Self-Defence 8 Products

Pepper spray - keep animals at bay in emergency situations

Encounters with aggressive wild animals on the hunt or when hiking:: animals tend to unpredictable behaviour. It it therefore advisable to have a suitable deterrent ready at hand. Our pepper spray is meant for self-defence, whenever you find yourself in an emergency situation. Our effecitve irritants for animal repulsion comes in different types as you can see further below.

What is pepper spray and how does it work?

Peppe rsprays contain the active substance Oleoresin Capsicum. This substance is garnered from the pulp of hot chili pods and causes strong irritations. The irritant is concentrated in an easy-to-use spray. When spraying aim at the eyes and nose of the aggressor so that its muuuous membranes will swell making the aggressor close its stinging eyes. If the aggressor breathes in the irritant, this can lead to coughs and shortness of breath. In short: your aggressor is immediately incapacitated giving you precious time in which you can make your flight. However, be careful with strong animals. Make sure that that the spray mist or spray jet is not being deflected in your direction.

In our shop you will find pepper sprays differing from each other in the following characteristics:

  • Reach: pepper sprays have a reach of up to 5 m
  • Spraying type: variour spray patterns having different effects
  • Contents: Small, compact deterrents with little fill volume or more contents for longer usage

Find the right pepper spray

In our shiop you will find pepper sprays of different spraying types:

  • pepper sprays emitting a spraying mist
  • pepper sprays emitting a spraying jet
  • pepper spray gels

If you have no experience in handling pepper sprays,deterrents with spraying mist are a good choice. This does not require pinpointed spraying, however the reach is somewhat limited and the spray mist could be wafted off by wind.

By comparison, there are pepper sprays with a ballistic ejection of the spray. These score with thier reach of up to 5 m and are quite stable in wind conditionsl. Pepper gels, on the other hand, are viscous and will adhere on the targeted animal. This however presupposes accurate pointing.

Please note that in Germany peppersprays are approved only for defence against animals.

Characteristics of high quality deterrents

Peppersprays are small and compact and can easily be stowed away in any ruckack. A practical variety are pepper sprays with a belt clip which are ready to use within a matter of seconds.

Products of the TW1000 series are particularly versatile. The grip is permanent whereas its cartridges can be replaced.The housing consists of robust ABS, is ergonomically shaped and non-slip. A srpung lid locking mechanism prevents inadvertent release of the deterrent, but can be unlocked with a simple thumb movement. Pepper spray with an automatic LED pointing light will increase your aiming accuracy in the dark. What is more, the aggressor will be blinded and confused.

Practice makes perfect.Exercise your aiming accuracy with exercise cartridges, so that you will be able to react adequately in an emergency situation . Exercise cartridges contain no irritants and are exclusively intended for practice. Accurate aiming is highly important since the spray can is depleted within seconds..

Buy pepper sprays online

You can conveniently order peppers spray from your online shop. In our wide selection you are sure to find the right spray for your intended use. Our categories Forestry and Ourdoor contain other products which you might need for your safe sojourn outdoors. Supplement your hunting equipment with high-quality hunting clothing and useful utensils such as a hunting knife.

Take advantage of our short delivery times, of the free return option and of the many payment possibilities . If you have questions regarding our order you can contact us via our 24h order hotline. For specific inquiries our qualified customer service teamteam will be at you disposition.