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Nature related literature and media

There are countless books that deal with the subjects of nature and hunting . We offer you a reasonable mix of proven classics and recent new releases in the field of forest literature. The literature and media assortment of field guides and identification books is e complemented by DVDs and CDs.

beside our Identification books and guidebooks there are a number of educational books which may serve as course material or preparation for the novice hunter or those intending to take the hunting exam. These books will keep you well informaed on the subject of weapon law, species determination or wildlife hygiene. A must for eall ambitious hunters or hunting enthusiasts. This literature is equally usefull once you have passed the examination..

Apart from specialist books and reference books we also carry an interesting selection of hunting stories and fictional literature. Besides, our cookbooks, e.g. those on preparing game dishes, are replete with delicious recipes..

As a gardener and landscape builder, you will appreciate our literature selection on nursery care and finishing. With the knowledge derived from these books you will be able to control plant growth and diversification. Another subgroup of our books deals with Plant diseases and plant protection both of which are important subjects.

Those with a interest in technological developments will savour our books on the history of chainsaws or harvesters. These works are richly illustrated and show the demanding use of these machines.

Other topics from our book collection:

  • Grass identificatin
  • Pests
  • Mushrooms as pests on timber
  • Load securing
  • Children, nature and forest
  • Do-it-yourself books
  • Hunting dog training