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Bird Food Chain Bird Food Chain
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Giant Suet Seed Ball Giant Suet Seed Ball
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Bird Food Mix Bird Food Mix
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Birdmix Food Birdmix Food
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Delicia Vita Block Delicia Vita Block

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Bird Food Suet Seed Balls Bird Food Suet Seed Balls
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Bird Food 21 Product
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Bird food for the winter months

Everybody knows how important it is that our native birs have sufficient nourishment at their disposal. More often than not, natural search for food ends up without success owing to snow and frost. You can make your own small contribution to species protection hanging up some suet seed balls for our little friends or to replenish your birdhouse with bird food.

Well-balanced food mixes

Our colourful compositions Titmix or Birdmix are attractive for any bird. These mixtures consist of seed food (sunflower seeds, peanut kernels and hempseed) and fat-rich food (porridge, wheatflakes, raisin, tallow and vegetable fat) and serve both granivores as well as birds partial to soft fodder. A good solution is the food chain consisting fo suet balls and peanut balls adhereing together in a netted chain. Thus various / many birds can feed at the same time. An equally good mix is provided by our food bars: As an excellent supplementary food source for our songbirds these bars offer a mixture of sunflower seeds, peanut kernels, tallow as well as out and wheat flakes!

Help with low-cost bird food

With very little financial input you are able to help our birds who are hard hit by cold conditions, through the winter. Of course our nutritious bird food are quality products, Our native birds will be grateful to you!