The Grube Garden-Shop - Everything for a well-groomed garden & the recreation For many, the own garden is a real oasis of wellbeing, and gardening often means the best relaxation from everyday stress. So that you can relax in the garden or switch off during an outdoor trip in your spare time, it needs appropriate gardening tools, a high-quality, solid equipment and a little expertise. All this can be found in our diverse garden shop. The lawn care base for a beautiful garden Lawn care is certainly the most strenuous work in the garden. In addition to Rasrimmers, you will also find a large selection of equipment for the removal of leaves in our garden-online-shop. Harken and Hacken round off the offer. For those who like it in the traditional way, the garden shop also offers scythes made in traditional craftsmanship in various designs including the necessary accessories, such as: To the Whetstones Scythes as well as Slicing for the small cut For lawn care is not only the mowing - also for the garden irrigation you will find everything necessary in the garden shop of Grube. Practical tripods, sprinklers or hose carriages will do the work for you, while handy foundries are particularly suitable for smaller gardens. High quality garden tools - professionalism for precise work For all other work in the garden you will also find garden tools in high quality from established manufacturers. This ensures effortless operation and longevity of the garden tools. With spades and shovels, the garden is quickly dug. A wide range of branching and pruning shears allow you to shape your garden. If you have grown from fruit trees to hobby, you can make sure that your trees bear fruits even after a long time. In addition, you can have a single tree grow different varieties and even foreign varieties. You will find everything you need for professional work in our category finishing: Finishing and copying knives as well as hips and graft knives Finishing bast and wound dressing Removals As well as ready-made finishing sets Leisure activities in the garden: from "wild" garden to barbecue fun and expertise A natural garden that provides protected habitats for wildlife, butterflies and plants is not only an ornament for every garden, but also contributes to ecology and species protection. With our nesting boxes you offer different bird species, bats and insects at home. You can also buy matching bird feed in the online shop. Of course the most beautiful garden would only be half as great if you could not share it with his best friends. The perfect equipment around the grill begins with the grill in various versions and reaches even to high-quality knives, burger presses and grill spikes. Also the famous Dutch Oven, which has been valued in recent years, can be found here in several versions and in original, proven quality for centuries. No good gardener has fallen from heaven - and no one can know anything. In order to provide you with all the information you need, and to expand your knowledge on an ongoing basis, we have compiled a lot of knowledge in our area of ​​literature and media. No matter if you want to develop with nature books or if you are looking for cookbooks with delicious recipes: In our literature section you will find answers to all your gardening questions. From the garden in forest and wilderness - with pit If you like to be outdoors, you are not limited to your own garden. All those who still have a piece of forest to look after, or those who are committed to hunting, will also find something for you at Grube: from equipment for the professional wood harvesting as well as forestry protection to hunting equipment for the highest demands, everything can be found in our online shop . Naturfreunde, who are out and about on the road, awaits in our category off-road and motor vehicle accessories a carefully selected assortment of high-quality equipment for all applications - from cable winches and transport boxes to outdoor tools and high-quality parts for your outdoorküche. Your questions are very well looked after - our consulting expertise has been highly valued in forestry since 1945. Quality and customer proximity are our basic guiding principles, which we are still orientating on today. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you. For all your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, our order hotline (24 hours around the clock) and our customer service (weekdays from 7:30 am - 5:00 pm, Saturdays from 8:00 am)