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Radios for the forestry and hunting - shop online

Radios for forestry, an expensive luxury?

Modern radios are a very useful accessory in forestry. The forest workers can, for example, communicate with their winch leader and thus coordinate their tasks. The possibilities of radio use are manifold. A further advantage: forestry radios can communiicate with radio sets on helmets when they are on the same channel.

In an emergency, a radio of Albrecht or Midland allows quick conference with colleagues. In general,work safety is enhanced when you tune your operations via radio. Make your work day easier. Save time and money with radio equipment for leisure, forestry and hunting.

Other fields of application for handheld radios

Handheld radios have other universal uses besides forestry. The huntsman and dog handler remain in contact via radio, even in areas with poor mobile radio coverage. Especially on battue hunts the safety aspect provided by radio communication is a great plus, just as in forestry. Of course, the radio sets from the Grube online shop are also suitable for leisure use in your spare time. Trust our experience as a hunting and forestry equipment supplier and buy your new radio at Grube.

Manufacturers of radio telephones

Midland is a well-know manufacturer for handheld radios. We offer Midland radios as a standalone device or as a practical radios set . With the latter you have two high-quality radio receivers and accessories, always at hand in a practical carrying case. Equipment by manufacturer Albrecht is also well-proven and highly regarded. We recommend the Peltor / 3M range in the field of radio helmets.

Helmet radios: full communication despite hearing protection

The handheld radio is also suitable for communication with helmets. We offer this technology from Peltor, for example. In the case of interference, you can switch to a different channel by simply pressing a button. Changing the channels also allows you to divide your work force into groups. Hearing protectors with built-in radio automatically switch on the microphone via Vox voice control when when you start talking. We strongly recommend protecting the microphones against freezing in cold weather.

The range of radiotelephones is dependent on terrain

The reach and signal quality of the radios from Midland, Albrecht and others depend heavily on the ground conditions. The more open the area, the greater the range . Deep cut valleys, dense house development or strong vegetation limit, the range of the devices regardless of the manufacturer. The reange values ​​indicated in our descriptions always refer to the range on flat, level terrain without dense vegetation.

In principle, the radios are powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries. For frequent or daily use the use of suitable long-life rechargable batteries is highly recommended. Use of these protect the environment and are less costly in the long run. With delivery of our radios and radio sets we always include rechargable batteries. Once you unbox your radio set you can immediately activate it.

What is the frequency of my new radio?

The typical frequency range of modern radios is PMR 446 . PMR is the abbreviation for Private Mobile Radio. Many radios in our program support this frequency range. This means that manufacturer-independent communication is possible. The prerequisite for this is, however, that the devices use the same channel. Make sure that you are using the desired frequency range, especially when several radios are to communicate with each other.

The range is higher with PMR 446 than with LPD 433, which is used in some older devices. The older standard LPD 433 has been discontinued as a wireless technology because of its low range. We therefore recommend the frequency range PMR 446. Regardless of the frequency range, the transmission power in Germany is limited to 500 mW.

Further technical advantages of our radios

  • All handsets are equipped with a noise reduction that can be adjusted individually. They can suppress noise without limiting the range unnecessarily.
  • The display lighting on our radios from Albrecht and Midland is also a useful feature. Thus you can easily recognize the set parameters such as channel and loudness in bright sunshine or dusk.
  • The operation of the radios requires no authorization at transmission power ≤ 500 mW
These features make our hand-held radios an ideal companion on the hunt. With a hand-held radio, you are independent of the mobile radio network. Even with a weak network coverage, good communication is still possible. Iin our online store we also offer divers accessories for the radios, e.g.for radios of the popular Peltor Litecom line. We offer:
  • Replacement batteres
  • Adapter cables
  • Storage boxes
  • Charging cables