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Insect Repellents 21 Products
Tick Remover 2
Tick Remover 2
From €4.30

2 available variants

Para'Kito Anti-Mosquito Wrist Band
Para'Kito Anti-Mosquito Wrist Band

3 colours


1 available sizes: Orange


1 available sizes: Schwarz


1 available sizes: Camouflage

Klever Stichfrei (No Insect Bites)
Klever Stichfrei (No Insect Bites)
(€24.00 / 100ml)
From €2.40

2 available variants

Insect and tick protection is part of your work safety

Ticks and mosquitoes are more than just annoying pests for people working in nature. Especially ticks can pose a considerable health risk. With an insect repellent (anti-mosquito spray) from Grube you are guaranteed a blood-loss-free working day. Mosquitoes and ticks will keep away from you. Our mosquito sprays for insect repulsion are all very skin-compatible and in some cases have even been tested by the KWF.

Dangerous tick bite

A mosquito bite is annoying and itchy, whereas a tick bite can be dangerous and life-threatening. Therefore tick protection sprays and tick removers are indispensable for foresters, forest workers and anyone else whose professional environment is the forest or the outdoors. Ticks (lat. Ixodida) belong to the order of the mites and are blood-sucking parasites which can affect human beings. Ticks lurk on plants like grasses and bushes. As soon as a host comes in contact with them they they will hold on to this agent. The tick then scratches an ingress into the skin and starts the suction process. Ticks are carriers of serious diseases such as borreliosis and TBE. Anti-tick spraying is therefore more than pure parasite protection but can be life-saving in cases. This is what can be unsderstood by active work safety..

A quick and easy way to remove ticks

Once a tick bites and sucks, it is too late for common tick protection means or for tick-repellent sprays. You must now remove the tick. The longer the tick adheres firmly to the skin, the greater the risk of infection. Our tick removers TICK 1 and TICK 2 are the instrument of choice when it comes to removing tickts. They are easy and intuitive to use. Pull the thinner end of the tick remover over the tick, then pull the tick out with a straight pull. This method works reliably, quickly and without pain. Our tick remover comes both in a plastic and in a high-quality metal version. With it, removing ticks is child's play.

In our work safety online shop you will find many useful tools: anti-insect repellents and our highly approved TICK tick removers. Get your gear to prevent borreliosis, to stay safefrom tick bites, protect tick bite or to keep yourself unmolested by swarms of mite. Insect repellent brands are for example: Ballistol, Klever, Hagopur or Autan.