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Sahara Gloves
Sahara Gloves
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Children's Gloves

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Working gloves for work safety

In order to work safely you need safe work clothing. This includes, of course, wearing of the appropriate working gloves. Our working gloves are of the best quality and offer optimum comfort during work. Protective working gloves should ensure reliable protection against all kinds ofexternal influences. We offer a wide range of gloves for a wide range of activities.

Working gloves

No matter what kind of work you are engaged in, the right glove is an indispensible piece of clothing not to be missed. For forestry work we recommend leather gloves. These are made of strong, high-quality cow-hide leather and will fit your hand perfectly.. Keiler protective gloves are our best seller. The quality gloves from Keiler are still produced in a family-run business.

Gloves with cut protection

For work involving chainsaws, we have special gloves with cut protection in our program. They offer extra protection through the worked-in cut protection material in the back of the hand. We also carry high quality chain gloves as protection against cuts. Our chain gloves are ideal for game processing.

Winter gloves

Even in winter your hands need to be fully functional at work and must not be rigid from the cold. For optimum temperatures we have special winter gloves with warm lining in our program. The winter gloves are characterized by their special lining and by their particularly good grip.