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First aid kits for forest, work and car

For people enganged in forestry work it it very important to always have bandaging material at hand. To have access to adequate means of first aid material is particularly significant in the forest, since routes for rescue service cars may be rather long. Therefore step up your precautions! Every forester must know the basics of first aid and the components of the first aid material he carries along. What is more, every forestry worker must be able to make an emergency call. A rule of thumb: for reasons of safety never perform ciritical forestry work alone!

The first link in a rescue chain is always the first aider! He or she plays a significant role in first aid. Try to memorize all extant and current rescue points in the forest. This will help the rescue service to find you.

Forestry vehicles should also be equipped with bandaging materials.

In addition to the usual first aid case you could also have a first aid pack in your car. Make forestry work safe! Always have a sufficient stock of first aid material at hand and take a (brushing-up) course in first aid. Would you be able to apply a pressure dressing off the cuff or to a haul a body into the recovery position? All major aid organisations offer courses to teach you just that. This may become important knowledge in an emergency and can save lives.

First aid products for every purpose

In our online shop we offer you a broad selection of proven first aid products all of which are in line with the prerequisite norms DIN 13151, DIN 13157 and DIN 13169. For first aid cases refill packs are available. This is a practical and cost-effective way to replace used-up or expired first aid material.

For smaller injuries the bandaging material contained in our small forestry aid packs has proven very useful. Because of their small size, these first aid packs fit into the pockets of all forestry jackets. An even handier format obtains from the small first aid packs enveloped by a transpartent bag. This is ideal for first aid as you move about.

Useful supplements for the first aider

Foreign particles in the eye can be washed out with an eye rinsing fluid. With their compact dimensions the little eye rinsing bottles can easily be carried along in your bandaging pack or case. Such bottles are also very useful for your own private first aid kit. For dressing of smaller wounds we offer emergency bandaging material. Commonly known as plasters this bandaging material can be easily cut to the required size. Thus smaller injuries are effectively protected against dirt.

Pay attention to the expiration date of your first aid bag. This date specifies when the bandaging material needs to be replaced at the latest. The reason for this is that some components must be sterile packaged. After expiry of the use-by date sterility of the material can no longer be guaranteed. Besides, the adhesive power of plasters diminishes over time. Therefore, exchange your first age pack against a new pack in good time. Otherwise, in case of an inspection, you could even be fined for this negligence.

Tip: All injuries occuring at your place of work, even small ones, should be recorded in the bandaging register.

  • regularly check the expiry date of your first aid equipment
  • in your car, always have a high-visibilty safety vest at hand
  • learn how to carry out life-saving emergency measures
  • regularly update your knowledge by training courses

In our online shop we carry other useful products for forestry workers and hunters. Hava a look and convince yourself of the Grube assortment.