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Buy ear protection for forestry work online

The human ear is a very sensitive sensory organ. Its function depends on tiny hair which begin to oscillate as soon as there is an ingress of sound waves. Permanent environmental noise can slightly damage the ear as these tiny hair fold over and die off. Take care of your hearing, because damaged sound perception is irreperable! We offer ear protection products by Peltor 3M, Schuberth and Uvex.

Different types of hearing protection - not only for chain saws and trimmers

Passive hearing protection devices contain no elelectronic compents for noise reduction. This type of hearing protection has a favorable price and does not require any (rechargable) batteries. The most typical representatives of this type are capsule ear protectors. They have the advantage to be quickly put on and off immediately providing full insulation capacity. Besides, the shape of the auditory canal has no influence on the wearing comfort and the insulation capacity of capsule ear protectors.

In forestry work ear protectors attached to helmets are standard. These can be folded back when noise is interrupted or ceases. In daily practice capsules protect against noise but also insulate against wood shavings and dust. Peltor's Optime series is our bestselling ear protection. Follow the example of hundreds of forestry workers and put your trust in the proven quality and the proven plug-together system by 3M.

Ear plugs, for instance those by Uvex or Bilsom, also belong to the catagory of passive hearing protection. Since they hardly take up any space, ear plugs are the ideal companions when you are on the move. Their low purchasing costs are another advantage. Ear plugs come with instructions which tell you how (deep) these are to be inserted into the ear..

As people's auditory canals have different shapes, you will perhaps find that particular ear plugs fit your ears better than others. If in doubt try out different products. Also practice insertion of the ear plugs before you expose yourself to noise. Packages of ear plugs have instructions how to use them. Please note that after insertion into the ear the ear plug needs to first fully expand before it reaches its full insulating capacity.

Active hearing protection combines the insulation capacity of classical headband ear defenders with modern electronics. The main job of the electronics is to softly dampen too loud environmental noise. Thus the ear is protected from excessive noise. The big advantage of this technology is that you can still easily follow conversations. In our online shop you can also obtain ear protection devices which are equipped with a radio.These devices will allow you to stay in contact with others despite high levels of surrounding noise. There are also products with integrated audio players/radios.

Which ear defenders are best for forestry work?

There is no simple answer to this question. What is decisive here is the intended use and the duration of use. Ear capsules are recommended when you need to frequently put them on and take them off again. Earplugs, on the other hand, can be worn over a longer period of time without accumulating heat. Sometimes they require some time to get used to or until you master the easiest way of insertion. Please note that ear plugs should only be inserted with clean hands.

Try to figure out which noise reduction value (SNR) you really need. The noise reduction value of any type of hearing protection is given in (dB). Most of the motordriven tools you are working with. e.g. chainsaw or trimmer, will have read-off information on their respective sound pressure values. The values given on these tools denote values at maximum performance such are only intermittently reached during a typical work situation.

Above which level of noise should I wearing ear defenders?

Choose your ear protection in such a ways that you will attain a value ≤ 85 dB once the noise reduction capacity is deducted. Please note that the hearing protection device must fit your ears. With ear protection you should still be to hear shouted warnings. This is something that is very important for work with a chainsaw. Full isolation from the world around you is specifically not intended. The insulating capacity of the most common ear defenders suffices to prevent the ear from taking damage.

Having used capsule ear protectors for a longer period of time it is advisable to remove the hygiene sets. This will make moisture dry off much easier and will prevent pathogenic agens from settling in. You will thus also avoid unpleasant odours.

Tip: pay attention to a good fit when you select your ear protection device. This applies above all to ear plugs which vary in shape and handling. Good hearing protection should not cause any pressure or unpleasantness in wearing. On the other hand, it must sit on your ear securely so as to attain sufficient insulation..

Accessories for your ear defenders

Replaceable hygiene sets ar the most important accesories for capsule ear protectors. If you are wearing capsule ear defenders frequently or if you are engaged in strenous work with a chainsaw we recommend replacement after a period of 6 months at the latest. Hygiene sets are available for all models of ear defenders in our shop. It's best to order them along with the ear defenders.