Forestry tools for forestry & wood harvesting

Well-trained foresters are still indispensable in demanding cases of tree felling, e.g. in hardwood environments or on slopes. These specialists dispose of greatb experience and intuitive as well as sure knowledge and can not be replaced by harvester machinery. Grube has been equipping forestry workers with tools and implements for around 70 years. Likewise, we would like to be a reliable partner for wood owners and private inidividuals who want to chop and saw wood for their fireplace or stove.

The basic tools of the forest worker

The chain saw is the main working tool for motor-driven wood harvesting. For controlled tree felling, however, the use of forestry wedgee and felling jacks is required. Wedges for the wood harvesting have different widths and gradients serving different purposes and uses. Usually, forestry wedges are made of aluminum or plastic. Unlike steel, these materials do not splinter. Forestry wedges are most conveniently driven into the stem by means of a splitting axe. Other types of axes or hatches are not suitable for this purpose as these would easily be damaged by the enormous forces inherent in the proces. Splitting axes by Gränsfors or Ochsenkopf are the tools of choice for wedging work.

After logging, the chain saw operator measures the length and diameter of the log. This is done by a measuring tape which he carries along on his belt. We offer measuring tapes in different versions. Diameters of the log using are best being measured with the help of a caliper. You can also find this tool in our shop.

The chain saw and other accessories for the wood harvesting

Motor saws, usually referred to as chain saws, differ in many features, not only in size and cutting performance. Let us advise you if you want to buy a chain saw - it is easy to make the wrong purchase.

At Grube you will find a wide range of products for your chainsaw.

  • Saw chains
  • Swords
  • Sprockets and pinions
  • Chain oil
  • Special fuel
  • Other accessories

Work facilitation with seal of approval

Forestry work and the harvesting of wood are physically very strenuous activities despite the use of machines. To make work easier, attention should be paid to the the ergonomics of the tools. The seal of approval issued by the KWF (Committee for Forests and Forest Technology e. V.) is a guarantee of an extensive quality check by a neutral institution. Products bearing the KWF professional seal have passed severe practlical tests of heavy duty and long-term performance and have been scrutinized for their aptitude for forestry application. When buying from forestry tools, chain saws or clothing for timber harvesting take particular note of the KWF test mark. The seals of approval you should look out for are KWF professional, KWF standard and KWF test.

Facilitating the business of wood harvesting also means taking advantage of certain tools. As an example: sappies facilitate the lifting and moving of cut wood. Strenuous bending over is not necessary which is a welcome relief for the back. Other work-relieving tools are hand-held tongs, pack hooks or skidding tongs. These tools grip the wood securely and firmly so that it can be more easily taken up and moved.

Your reliable partner for good forestry tools

Since 1945, Grube has been marketing high-quality forestry tools and has always been in close contact with forestry experts worldwide. This forms the basis of expert advice from which you benefit as a customer. So if you are unsure about a product, do not hesitate to contact us.