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Polyester Circular Sling, 2 t, Green. Polyester Circular Sling, 2 t, Green.
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Polyester Round Slings 18 Product
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Round sling: a versatile product for forestry and industry

Round slings are widely used in forestry. They are mainly used for mounting pulleys, cables and the like. They form part of the fastening gear otherwise composed of special ropes, chains, shackles, and sundry .

The right choice of a polyester round sling

In the Grube assortment you will find a wide selection of slings. They can be assessed in the following respects:

  • circumferential length or effective length
  • breaking force
  • payload (WLL)
  • safety factor
  • abrasion resistance

The circumference of a round sling indicates the actual length of use. Please bear in mind that a round sling must be fastened around the anchor point and, if necessary, inserted into a deflection roller or a cable pulley. The length of use is correspondingly reduced. Slings intended for heavy payloads can be too thick and therefore unsuitable for smaller deflection pulleys. In the case of ground traction the minimum breaking force of all anchoring devices taken togehter, including the round sling, must be at least twice the amount of the winch´s capacity. However, the actual payload of the round slings is far below the minimum breaking force. For safety reasons, a set-up anywhere near the break load must be avoided. The standardized WLL capacity (Working Load Limit) which is synonymous with the payload, is calculated as follows: WLL = MBL / safety factor.

The payload data always refer to direct traction and is shown on the sewn-on label. However, direct traction is inexpedient for most types of work. Usually round slings are used wound round tree stems, as their name suggests, either folded or looped. In the first case, the payload is doubled, in the second case it is reduced to about 80% of the direct payload.

The color of a round sling is also an important distinguishing criteria. It corresponds to a standard load capacity . Green, for example signifies 2 t, yellow stands for 3 t and gray for 4 t load capacity. Round slings from the Grube shop also have tonnage strips interwoven over their entire length. A strip on the round sling corresponds to a ton bearing capacity. The round slings in our range correspond to EN / TC 168 (DIN 61360) or EN 1492-2. In accordance with these standards, all relevant information on load bearing capacity can be found on a (blue) shield on the polyester round sling. Such a shield is also sewn into the sling.

The high safety factor of 7 characterizing all polyester round slings in the Grube shop also allows the lifting of heavy loads similar to a lifting strap.

Tips for safe work with a round sling

In comparison to lifting straps, round slings are very flexible. However, like all textile means of fastening, they must not be guided over sharp edges, as this could lead to damage. Make sure you have sufficient edge protection.

There is no fixed period after which round slings need to be replaced. Replacement will be necessary if the material or the sling has been damaged e.g. by exposure to aggressive substances such as acids or alkalis. Besides, slings must be replaced immediately if the label is missing. Regular visual inspections protect against accidents.

You have a question about round slings?

You will find all information on the load carrying capacity in our catalogs and also in the shop. Please consider the type of anchorage sincelooped or knotted slings reduce the load bearing capacity. Should you have further questions about our products, we are always at your disposal.