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Anchor Sling
Anchor Sling
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Hoistung straps are an important slinging gear in both industry and forestry. In comparison to Polyester round slings hoisting straps have a significantly bigger surface, thus occuring forces/loads are better distributed. On the other hand, such straps are also less flexible.

When working with rope winches, rope hoists and pulleys sufficiently stable fixed points are very important. In the forest these anchor points are usually provided by sufficiently dimensioned trees. In winching work enormous forces come into play and make heavy demands on the equipment as well as on the trees. In order not to damage the sensitive cambium layer of the stem, you should by all means use hoisting straps. These mostly consist of abrasion-resistant polyester and are available in different lengths and varieties..

Where else can hoisting straps be used?

Another typical application of these anchoring tools is the hoisting of heavy loads. Hoisting straps are particularly useful for lifting heavy objects of a more or less cylindrical shape.For hoisting purposes the most important criterion is the bearing capacity. In the area of forestry what interests more is the big contact surface which protects the stem of those trees designated to serve as anchoring points in winching.

How long do hoisting straps last?

In terms of durability and time the service life of hoisting straps is pracically unlimited. However, there are a few criteria which make replacement necessary. These are:

  • fissures and cuts on the strap
  • deformed hooks
  • loss of the blue info lable

If any of these three criteria apply, it is time to buy a new hoisting strap.If you need advice on which product to choose please don´t hesitate to contact us.