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Talurite Cable Clamps inline with  EN 13411-3 Talurite Cable Clamps inline with EN 13411-3
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Cable U-Clamp. Hot dip galvanized Cable U-Clamp. Hot dip galvanized
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Cable Clamp - Long Cable Clamp - Long
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High Strength Shackle High Strength Shackle
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JOKER V Grade 100 Choker Chain JOKER V Grade 100 Choker Chain
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Timber Moving 582 Product
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Make your work easier with products from Grube

In contrast to earlier times, today moving of timber usually happens by mechanical means. Tractors and timber forwarders with their strong winches have long since taken the place of skidding horses.

The activity of moving timber has nevertheless remained equally demanding. Moving heavy trunks through rough terrain is not an undangerous job. In addition to your own safety, the material is subjected to a hard test. We offer you a wide selection of tried and tested products for moving timber.

For every winch the right winch rope

Please note our wide selection of winch ropes. If required we also offer expert advice regardless of whether you intend to use steel ropes or plastic winch ropes. Cutting of winch ropes to customized lengths according to your specificatons is also possible.

Tip: A plastic winch rope is lighter and more suitable for higher tensile forces than an equally thick steel cable. We recommend Dynaforce , a rope made of Dyneema® synthetic fibres. It can be easily spliced ​​and spooled. It has also proven well in the area of offroad pullung equipment..

Fastening equipment from your forestry supplier No. 1

Round slings, choker ropes and other special slings allow rapid removal of harvested wood along skidding trails. Of course, Grube can also supply you will all necessary accessories such as slit hooks, load hooks and cable clamps for wire ropes or forestry chains.

Cable winches and cable pulleys from well-known manufacturers make moving of timber easier and safer. Especially safety is a crucial aspect of forestry work and is of course equally relevant for the private individual wishin to make wood for private uses. Particularly hanging trees represent a potential danger which can be resolved by means of suitable equipment.