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Sappies 12 Products
The multipurpose machine for forestry work - the SappieWhether as a hammer, peavey spare or baby carrier, with a Sappie from our Sappie Online Shop you are well equipped. A Sappie, also called Sapie or Sappel, consists of a steel, which is attached to a handle and has a curved tip. The tip of the sapphire is thrown into the wood by means of which you can then pull, lift or turn the piece accordingly. The flat side of the sapphire can also be used as a hammer when pulling in and removing hooks. Sappies with a shorter stem are also called handsappies and are often lighter. Originally released from Italian concept of Sappies goes back to the word Zappa (ital. Hoe) and was so well gradually their way into the German forest work. So are the surprisingly many different names for sapies to explain. In northern Germany Sappie called varies the name over Sapie, Zapine up to Sappel or Zappel in Austria. Our online shop for Sapies So you should can be found under these terms.