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Buy saw chains for power saws online

The saw chain is a decisive factor for the performance of your chain saw. There are many different types of saw chain.Since chain saws can be fitted with guide bars of different length, lengths of chains vary in correspondence with the guide bar in use.

The following characteristics are significant:

1) chain pitch

Chain pitch is a parameter that needs to be heeded when buying saw chains. Chain pitch denotes the middle to middle distance bewteen three adjoining rivets measured in inch. This value is divided by 2. The most common pitches are 3/8‘‘ H (=Hobby) or. LP (Low Profile), .325‘‘, 3/8‘‘ as well as .404‘‘. In gerneral, larger pitches are the domain of powerful professional chain saws. Of course, the sprocket wheel must match the chain, too. Owners of several chain saw decide to fit all saws with chains of the same pitch so as to take advantage of cost-effective chains on rolls.

2) Number of drive links

The drive links transfer the power of the drive pionion onto the chain. Their number determines the length of the chain and can be established by counting. Counting of drive links is faster and above all more precies than measuring the length with a measuring tape. The reason for this is that a chain saw lenghtens with use while the number of drive links remains constant.

3) Drive link size in mm

In Germany the drive link size is usually given in mm there being an equivalent value in inches. Common drive link sizes are 1.1 mm (.043‘‘); 1.5 mm (.050‘‘) as well as 1.6 mm (.063‘‘). The difference seems very tiny but must be adhered to by all means!

4) Chain type: what is the difference between a semi chisel chain and a full chisel chain?

Saw chains are availble as semi chisel chains or full chisel chains. This refers to the tooth shape of the cutting teeth. While a semi chisel chain has a more rounded tooth profile, a full chisel chain is more angular. Both types of tooth have their merits as well as some disadvantages.

Characteristics of a semi chisel chain:

  • smooth cutting behaviour
  • excellent cutting stability
  • high maintenance friendliness

Characteristics of a full chisel chain:

  • higher cutting performance than semi chisel chains
  • said to be more aggressive
  • higher maintenance effort
  • susceptible to dirt, rarely forgives a mistake

Both types of chain can be equipped with a safety drive link. This increases work safety by reducing the risk of kickbacks. Das Schnittverhalten ist weicher.Please note that with any saw chain good cutting results presuppose regular sharpening of the chain.. Tools and accessories for sharpening can also be ordered from the online shop.

If you are unsure which type of chain you need to buy for your chains saw please don't hesitäte to contact us. Our qualified staff will be happy to assist you.