Forestry tool with tradition - the hatchet

Archeological finds give evidence of the hatchet´s wide use in the stone age. A hatchet is smaller than an axe and needs only one hand to operate. For anyone working outdoors the hatchet is an irreplaceable tool. Whether for woodworking aor carpentry or for chopping firewood: hatchets have many uses, there is always something to chop. Also for outdoor activities in your leisure time, hatches are handy, all-round tools not to be missed.

Our hatchets are characterized by superior professional quality. We carry all major hatchet brands. Whether you opt for a Fiskars hatchet , for the Gränsfors types or the reliable quality of Ochsenkopf , ultimately personal taste and the intended application will determine your choice. Of course, we also supply spare parts for hatchets such replacement handles and, hatchet blade protectors. If you are not sure which hatchet is right for you, call us - our experts will be happy to help you!