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Chain saws and accessories – timber harvest essentials

A chain saw ist one of the most important tools for timber harvest, but it has its other uses in many applications of forestry work. In our forestry shop you find chain saws for a great number of applications: for felling of trees, for processing firewood or for smaller sawing operations in landscape or private gardening. There are also mobile saw mills and debarking attachments for chain saws. Grube has the right product for you.

Before you buy – some useful hints

Before you purchase a chain saw you should be clear about what you will need it for. This orientation is decisive for determining the required power, the length of the guide bar and the type of chain saw and teeth. A 4,5kW chainsaw, with 60 cm guidebar and full chisel chain is quite out of place in landscape gardening. So is a 2,5kW saw with 30 cm guidebar when it comes to timber harvesting.

Which chainsaw to buy?

There are many chain saws for different purposest:

  • petrol chain saws: „the classic“ various uses according to power, guide bar length and chain type: for timber harvesting, agriculture or landscape gardening
  • electronic chain saws: „the low-priced“ for semiprofessional use at home, e.g. for hobby. Great power via power plug for little money
  • cordless chain saws: „the modern“ new technology with many advantages: light-weight, low-noise, low-maintenance, almost emission-free independent of a power network
  • chain saw carving saws: „the creative“ light, small chainsaws for carving and engraving work. Very popular with chainsaw artists
  • top handle chain saw: „the special“ compact, well balanced chainsaw especially developed for arborist work. Handling of this saw presupposes an experienced user. Not to be recommended for other kinds of "normal" chainsaw work.

Chainsaw work – safety must come first!

Despite a number of safety features on modern chainsaws chainsaw work remains dangerous. As a basic precaution, wearing cut protection clothing when working with the chainsaw is of highest priority. Thanks to modern fabrics and materials the wearing comfort of such clothing stands equal to that of normal work wear. The basic equipment should comprise both cut-protection boots and cut protection trousers. A helmet with both hearing and face protection as well as robust working gloves round off this package.In our extensive forestry shop you find a large selection of work clothes for forestry work, serving both the layman as well as the professional.

Maintenance, care and accessories

To enjoy your motorsaw for a long time of effective use some care and maintenance are advisable. We can supply you witht the necessary tools for maintaining and caring for your chainsaw.

  • combination chainsaw wrench for tensioning the chain and for smaller repais on the go
  • round files for the sharpening of chains
  • transport canisters for petrol and lubricants
  • spare parts such as sparking plugs, guidebars, saw chains, sprockets
  • chain saw attachments such as mobile sawmills, debarkers or angle cutters
  • fuels and lubricants
  • Grube cares about your safety and your success. In our forestry shop you find online everything you need for safe and effective work with the chain saw. Get your own insight into the extensive offer and the high quality of the products. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you in choosing the right chain saw for you, including the appropriate clothing and accessories to meet exactly your requirements.