The classic forestry tool - the axe

There is no better symbol for forest work than the ax. Thousands of years ago the axe was the tool of choice when it came to felling trees. Even in modern forestry, axes are an indispensable tool. Be it for driving in wedges for tree felling, for cleaving and splitting wood, or or for classic chopping of wood for the production of firewood. Heating with self-hewn firewood is becoming ever more popular so of course without the axe the fireplace would remain cold. With our axes, you have the choice of modern axes made of composite plastic which are designed for the highest durability, right up to the traditional hand-forged axes, made in the best tradition of craftsmanship.

More than just a tool

Today, an axe is not only a working tool but also a sports equipment. Throwing axes from Gränsfors and Ochsenkopf combine traditional axe-forging with current axe sports. Special sports axes with particularly sharp axe blades also play a role in forestry and woodcutting championships.

Our axes are characterized by outstanding professional quality. We carry all major axe brands. Whether Fiskars axe, Gränsfors axe or Ochsenkopf axe, ultimately personal taste and the intended area of aüpplication will determine your choice. Of course, we also supply spare parts for axes such as handles, axe head protection or axe-carrying bags and holsters. If you are not sure which axe is the right choice for you, call us - our experts will be pleased to help you!