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Buy log grapples for harvester online

A log grapple is an indispensable attachment suitable for high grappling loads. Typically, such grapples are mounted to forwarders, but they can also be used with front loaders or excavators. In contrast to a felling gripper, however, no sawing devices are installed on these attachments. Thus cutting to length is not possible.

The opening width as an important parameter for log grapples

It is obvious that you can achieve larger opening widths with a larger log grapple and that thereby you will be able to move thicker trunks. Smaller timber grabs, on the other hand, are somewhat easier to direct around obstacles such as tree stumps or rocks. Remember, however, the performance limits of your machine. On slopes, a heavy load on the boom can significantly increase the danger of tipping. Also take note of the weight of the grapple itself.

The opening width itself is measured in millimeters. The respective gripping surface in noted in m², which signifies the area under the opened tongs. Timber grapples are particularly practical when they can rotate around their own axis. For this function is perfromed by a so-called rotator which executes hydraulic rotary motion. In this case, the corresponding oil lines require rotary screw connections so that the oil stream does not get interrupted during the rotary movement. By this means you can put down trunks or trunk sections exactly where you want them. Rotary motors and accessories can be found in our online shop. They perform equally well in conjunction with other implements, e.g. felling grabs..

The mechanical wood pliers as a favorable alternative

For small forestry equipment and in particular for agricultural tractors with a rear shield and less (hydraulic) power, we recommend mechanical wood loading pliers. These are relatively inexpensive and do not require complex hydraulic connections, rotary motors or swivels. Wood pliers open automatically when they are set on the trunk and contract (close) automatically when lifting starts. This process is carried out mechanically. Stems can be lifted and moved reliably in this way.