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Stihl Harvester RMHS 2.0 mm Chainsaw Chain Stihl Harvester RMHS 2.0 mm Chainsaw Chain
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LZR 2 High Performance Grease LZR 2 High Performance Grease
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Biostar Eco 100 Chain Oil Biostar Eco 100 Chain Oil
(€4.38 / Liter)
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Grease Cartridge Grease Cartridge
(€8.53 / kg)
from €3.41
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Harvester accessories online at low prices Harvester technology is indispensable in today's forestry. Harvesters speed up typical tasks such as felling, delimbing and sorting of trees. Modern harvesting machines are particulary at home in coniferous wood. Fully mechanized wood harvesting allows efficient processing of large quantities of wood. At the same time, there is increased safety in felling and wood processing resulting from the greater distance of the man-operated machines to possible zones of danger. Harvester accessories from your supplier of forestry equipment The complex machines for wood harvesting are equipped with various aggregates. In our online shop you find a wide range of harvester accessories as well as suitable replacement and retrofit parts such as Guide bars and chains Fuel and lubricants Hydraulic accessories Loading tongs and grapples Rotators and accessories Anti-skid chains for harvesters Our harvester accessories include well-known brands such as GB, Iggesund, Stihl, Cranab or ABL. Take advantage of our experience as a supplier of forestry equipment. The products are matched to the harvesters of well-established manufacturers such as John Deere, Ponsse, Ecolog, Rottne or Komatsu. Our harvester range also includes a wide selection of work lights. Many of these rely on LED technology. One advantage of LED work lights is that they require only a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional halogen bulbs. Harvesters must be utilized to full working capacity in order to be profitable. Technical failures and their resulting downtimes are not only annoying, but above all expensive. Pay attention to proven quality when selecting your equipment. Tip: Feed rollers such as those by TP Rollers attain a high grip on the wood, in addition special depth limiters will protect the stem. By optimizing the roll contact pressure and other parameters of your unit, you can relieve the engine and save fuel. Prevent leakage on the wood harvesting machine - relieve the environment Grube pays due attention to environmental aspects when selecting harvester accessories! Operating materials such as diesel fuels and hydraulic fluid represent a potential environmental hazard. We therefore offer products for oil disposal such as absorbing cloth for fast help in case of a leakage. Tip: In order to effectively prevent oil leaking, we recommend the use of Taimi Rotary inserts . These fittings are exceptionally robust and durable. Our product managers will be glad to help you if you are unsure about your product selection. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding harvester accessories or send us an e-mail.