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Buy lopping shears online

Lopping shears are a good investment both for the hobby gardenerand the professional gardener. These are best used for pruning branches which are to thick for smaller secateurs but on the other hand not worth the trouble of cutting them with a saw. The advantage of lopping shears is their quick and powerful cutting of branches up to approx. 40 mm diameter. Obviously the effort required increases with the size of the diameter of the branch. The long handles of the lopping shears produce a powerful leverage so that cutting takes much less effort in comparion to smaller shears..

Lopping shears are very well suited for pruning fruit trees. the slim blades facilitate working through other branches allowing precise cuts.

Blade types of lopping shears

As with the hand shears for gardening, there also are two basic designs of lopping shears:

  • Anvil lopping shears: Here the blade cuts towards a base. The cutting material is squeezed between the two and is thus cut off. Particlarly suitable for hard, dry wood..
  • Bypass shears: blade and counter-blade slide past each other in a way similar to kitchen scissors. This results in a cut which is more precise than that produced by the anvil principle.Suitable for fresh (green) wood.

Manufacturers of lopping shears

In our online shop you find lopping shears by different manufactures in various price ranges. Known brands are Felco, Löwe and Fiskars. For many models there is also a good number of spare parts. You find these spare parts listed with the model in question. Should you have any questions on this subject we shall be pleased to help you.