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Scythes and sickles - An old cutting tool newly discovered.

Many people prefer scythes or sickles to a lawnmower or an electric grass cutter. The reasons for this are diverse. A scythe works quietly and does not need any fuel. It can be used on slopes or in twisting fruit orchards where large mowers are either impractical or no use at all. All scythes from our onlineshop are delivered sharpened and ready to mow. You start work with them straight away. When you buy a scythe, you will hold in your hand an easy and environmentally friendly alternative to the engine mover.

A scythe differs according to the purpose of its construction. The thinner and narrower the scythe blade, the softer the intended cut material. We offer you a good selection of scythes and sickles for soft grasses or even wooded plants.

Scythe blades are attached to the slightly curved handle of the scythe. Such handles are either made of wood or shaped as as a steel tube. The choice between the two materials depends on the user's personal preference. The handles in our onlineshop are delivered including ring and key..

Sharpening of the scythe

Do not sharpen your scythe with electrically powered tool otherwise your cutting edge will not retain its sharpness producing a poor mowing result. In the worst case, cracks and fissures will form in steel. Instead, a scythe is to be regularly scraped by special sharpener or sharpened with a grinding stone. We carry different tools for scythe sharpening which you can order easily through our online shop:

  • Scythe blow sharpeners
  • Scythe hammers with one or two pointed ends
  • Cotter pin scythe rings
  • Scythes sharpener wood pins
  • Grinding wheels

Inn addition to sharpending the scythe with a special whetstone it should also, from time to time, be hammered out. The blade then becomes "cold forged" which makes it thinner, harder and so better able to hold a sharper edge.

There is no fixed rule of how to sharpen a scythe but sharpening should be carried out regularly. Once sharpness is noticeably deteriorating it will be time to sharpen the scythe.

Learn to mow with a scythe

The scythe is a tool that has existed for centuries. It requires some practice. If you have no experience with the scythe, consult one of our guidebooks on scythe mowing.