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Saws 354 Product
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In the area of gardening and landscaping saws come into play wheevern branch diameters are too large (> 50 mm) for shears.Arborists use saws carried alongin in practical lower leg quivers which do not impede them in climbing. Forestry professionals require saws for tree pruning trees such as Douglas fir or cherry tree. Craftsmen use saws e.g. in timber construction and private individuals need good saws around house and garden.

We carry ripsaws, bowsaws, Japanese pulling saws and boom saws in different cutting lengths, blade thicknesses and tooth widths and for every application. Large teeth (4 mm and more) are recommended in fresh wood, smaller tooth widths are suitable for sawing dry wood or timber used for construction purpuses.

Pull saws

In the past few years Japanese pullsaws (i.e. saws which cut in the direction of pulling) have come to prevail in many areas, particularly as regards hand saws or telescopic pole saws. They are more ergonomic, show a very good work performance with outstanding cutting results and a long service life.