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During planting young plants or seedlings are brought into gardens, forests or fields, so that they can start to grow and develop. It is important that the roots have good contact with the soil, that they do not sit hollow and that they are sufficiently watered.

Planting time is in spring and autumn prior to frost. Planting is either carried out manually with the help of spades and other planting tools or by means of drilling machines. In the case of trees and shrubs, some pruning is done at the shoots and roots before planting.

In fruit and ornamental gardens stems of young trees should be braced to speed up the growth. Bales are packaged in jute for transport so that the bale is completely preserved, the jute tissue can be left on the seedling. Planted trees and shrubs can be protected with mulch plates against competitive vegetation. The mulch plate prevents overgrowth by plants or blackberry thickets and keeps evaporation around the young plant as low as possible.

All this can be found here in our online shop. You will find our main focus on nursing and planting in the forestry section. If you need to protect your freshly planted trees, etc. from game, please look in the forestry category.